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Enjoying a successful marriage till their last breath is the goal of every married couple. The satisfaction of knowing that you and your spouse are made for each other, is what keeps marriages going strong on a happy note till the very end. But sometimes, some issues crop up between the partners which slowly begin to drive the husband and wife away from each other. This causes frustration within the marriage and results in daily arguments and fights, leading to domestic violence and legal issues for the couple. These love problems can bring the couple to fall out of love and come on the verge of divorce, which can create havoc in the lives of their children and significantly disturb their studies and upbringing. A major cause of marital problems is when the partners reach out to another male or female and start having an extra-marital affair outside their marriage. The Karan Healer and Counsellor is an expert in charting the course of marital harmony and bringing the husband and wife together again. Just one phone call on +91 93922 93922 for an appointment can change your situation and enable you to get your married life back with a smile.