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Money undoubtedly plays an important role in our lives and is the basis of living a comfortable life by fully providing for yourself and your family. Every desire, big or small, needs money to be fulfilled. When money is more than what is required to meet expenses comfortably, life goes on smoothly. But, when there is shortage of money due to reasons within and outside your control, then the problems of domestic discord and continuous fights emerge. No one likes to lose money, or not earn enough money, out of his own free will. However, everyone faces some or the other kind of financial problem at different stages in one’s life. The absence of enough money leads to all kind of illnesses and may even push the person into depression. To get back your lost confidence and self- esteem which is the reason for you losing money and leading a financially difficult life, consult The Karan Healer and Counsellor, an expert in helping people to master the art of not losing money.