Tarot Booking


Tarot is basically a symbolic map of your consciousness that charts your spiritual and practical journey through life. The art of Tarot reading involves seeking wisdom from the divine and spiritual guidance by arranging a defined layout of Tarot cards. A lot of people believe that Tarot cards just tell your fortune and nothing else. Well, let me tell you that Tarot cards do much more than that. They are helpful in providing honest insights into the highest truths that lie deep inside your higher self. Deep within, you are already aware of who you really are - the Tarot Cards assist you in discovering this evolved awareness and bringing it to your intelligence. Although the exact origin of Tarot cards is shrouded in mystery, there are documented references of Tarot cards usage in Europe around the 14th century.

Tarot is extremely beneficial for you when you are faced with a variety of situations and dilemmas, some of which are:

> Being unsure about your future plans.

> Ascertaining the reason behind the obstacles in your life.

> Facing problems related to love, marriage, career, health and family.

> Beginning a new phase in your personal or professional life.

> Deciding to go in for a personality change.

> Looking for divine advice on whether to make or not make a particular decision.

Before commencing a Tarot Cards reading session, there are some Do’s and Don’ts to which you must adhere.

> For complete clarity, be prepared with the set of questions which you want to ask.

> Accept your reading with an open and neutral mind, as this will facilitate the decision of the cards and give proper guidance for resolving your situation.

> Keep your questions open ended and let positivity, trust and belief be your guides.

> Avoid making self-assumptions and let the cards do their part by their divine revealing.

While some hold the belief that Tarot Cards provide answers to the questions all by themselves, others are of the view that a mystical force or supernatural energy consciously guides the cards into their layout when the questions are put forth. Your vibes and energies, which include life force, voice vibrations, electricity, wisdom and knowledge, are the basis of the Tarot readings. It is these energies and vibes, which when transmitted to the Tarot Cards, impact them to settle into the perfect layout which reveals the present situation in your life and suggests measures to remedy it. Do remember that the cards will not always reveal what is going to happen in the future. However, they will surely help you get a better understanding of the situation and accordingly decide the best course of action basis on what you already know and the cards have revealed.

The expertise of The Karan Healer and Counsellor in Tarot Reading will help you in accurately assessing your present situation and harnessing your intuition for suggesting valuable guidelines, which will take you on the path of blissful living, along with achieving personal and professional success. Come, let us begin our journey of harnessing the power of Tarot Cards for understanding and remedying your situation, and making you realise your evolved awareness.

Availability Between 10 AM To 11PM (Not Available From 3PM To 9PM)