About Us

“The Universe has promised to heal you from within and give you everything you desire, when you connect deeply with its abundance by channelizing your flowing cosmic energy.”

The Karan Healer and counsellor is the principal catalyst for successfully transforming more than thousands of lives over the past 9 years, with his universal counselling and healing expertise. He has helped people across diverse professions and geographies to overcome their fears and inhibitions and walk the path of personal and professional success. Individuals who were uncertain about their future and unsure of how their present situation would change favourably, have found emotional and financial prosperity under the able guidance and healing therapies of The Karan Healer and counsellor.

The Karan Healer and counsellor believes in the principle of Holistic Counselling and Progressive Healing, by providing healing solutions for all situations and problems. He first counsels the individual to fully comprehend the situation and read the mind. After a detailed counselling session, The Karan Healer and counsellor then initiates the healing process by recommending the appropriate crystals which are charged as per the requirement of the situation and given to the individual with precise instruction on how they are to be used.

With an impressive track record of proven results, The Karan Healer and counsellor is the spiritual healer and solution provider preferred by thousands across India for effective solutions to their complex personal and professional issues. His intuitive prudence and correct advice ensures that all issues and problems related to a person’s life are successfully resolved to full satisfaction.

The Karan Healer and counsellor believes that “The Universe provides the solution to any problem before it is created ”.

Your desires, your problems, your dreams - all reside and keep manifesting in the universal subconscious within your subliminal self. The desire to achieve all that you conceive is naturally created within you from the moment you begin life’s journey.

However, when expectations do not align themselves with the reality of existence, you begin to feel a loss of self-esteem and commence your journey on the path to emotional dissatisfaction. At this stage, what you need is comprehensive healing of your mind, body and soul.

The Karan Healer and counsellor says: “As an internationally renowned The Karan Healer and counsellor, I will permeate your subconscious and unearth the diverse forces that are operating in your cosmic field, due to which you are experiencing a situation which is in complete discord with your expectation.”

“Through a single healing process, or a combination of multiple healing diversities, I will gradually ease your problem and culminate it to a point where your desires meet their absolute fulfilment.”

The Karan Healer and counsellor, possesses demonstrated expertise and complete mastery over different types of crystal based healings.

The universe resides within us and we are a part of the universe. Every dream and desire is achieved when you connect deeply with the cosmos and pull in its energy in abundance, thereby channelising our flowing cosmic energy.

“Come, let us begin an inspiring journey together, towards changing your situation and realising your desires, in harmony with the spiritual laws of the universe.”

Just give us a call on +91 93922 93922 and clear all your doubts regarding the process followed by The Karan Healer and counsellor for helping you successfully overcome your present situation and begin your journey on the path to a successful personal and professional life.